Catering Holds Key to Event Success

Special events play an important role in society today. Especially as we become more disconnected and leveraging technologies to get things done, many say the genuineness of in-person interactions is going extinct. This is where these events play a central role. Whether it be gathering a workforce for team building exercises, celebrating a child’s life milestones, or partaking in holiday festivities, there are so many different reasons to celebrate today and that interaction time is much needed.

There’s so much more that goes into executing a successful and memorable event, however. More than just gathering people at a central location. With these get-togethers holding more prominence than ever before, it’s important that they become memorable occasions.

Truth be told, many have a vision of how they see an event unfolding, the kind of entertainment, décor, maybe even the location – but executing the necessary elements to bring that vision to life takes an entirely different level of expertise. One that draws from years of orchestrating and hosting events, an understanding of the right foods to select and setting the mood just right to make an event a true success.

Party planners, event coordinators, caterers, florists and a host of others work together on these events to make the day come to life.

Since we’re in the business of making unforgettable occasions come to life, we’re focusing on the importance catering holds in event success.

As the recently published book, “Hotbox: Inside Catering, the Food World’s Riskiest Business” by food writers Matt Lee and Ted Lee uncovers, there’s a lot that goes into this high-paced, extremely influential world of catering. Much of the success is owed to where catering began, how it evolved and intricacies are what makes up today’s most successful events.

Here are 3 Tips to Make Your Next Catered Event a Success

  1. Be Bold and Brave with Food

Since you’re already going the catered route, it doesn’t hurt to step a little out of the comfort zone of typically served foods and add some personalized or ethnic flair to the meals at your event. Your guests will likely appreciate the shake-up and remember it for years to come.

  1. Collaborate on Menu Items with Guests in Mind

While this tip sounds opposite of the one above, it’s actually a follow-on. Yes, you want to serve foods that are unexpected, exquisite and memorable but you also want to serve the types of foods your guests will like. When working with a caterer to build the menu for your event, be sure to keep your guests and the type of event you’re hosting in mind. Choices between formal and informal, regional flavorings and having options for those with dietary restrictions, or alternatives that suit any palette, will all go a long way in making your event successful.

  1. Work with an Established Company

This tip goes without saying. No matter how much hands-on you’d like to have, hiring a dependable caterer with the experience and know-how required to make your event a success is critical. You want someone with references who is fully licensed and who can react in a pinch, predict what you need, and that will follow through on all your visions. That kind of benefit comes only with experience.

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