3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Menu

If you’re a bride and groom planning your upcoming wedding, chances are you’ve been thinking a lot about food. Not because you’re nervous or anything, but because what you’ll be serving on your big day is an important detail. You and your guests will always remember the full experience of that day. The beautiful ceremony and vows, the entertainment and a great menu selection can all create an atmosphere that’s hard to forget.

How do you choose a wedding menu that’s going to be an unforgettable crowd pleaser? Here are 3 tips to help you with the decision making process.

Understand Your Options

The great thing about taking the time to plan your wedding in advance is that you leave room for options. Understanding what you can do for the meal portion of your wedding and which best fits your occasion, is a great place to start.

Are you considering something more traditional, like a seated dinner where guests select an entrée with their reply cards? Or do you want to bend the rules a little (because you totally can) and have something with a personal touch added to the night’s menu? Cultural dishes and foodie favorites that represent your style or a simple self-service buffet that leaves time for more entertainment are all options you can consider when planning your wedding menu.

Narrow Down Your Favorites

Share an intimate palette-pleasing menu with your guests to make your special day memorable.

Regardless of the serving style of your wedding meal, it’s important to narrow down the food choices for the night. Consider writing out a list of your favorite foods, factoring in the time of year or the theme for dishes you want to be served at your wedding. Whether you’re choosing a wedding caterer or contracting with a venue for your wedding reception, take the time to go over menu options, tastings and discussing desired dishes you’d like to make your wedding reception a dream come true is important.

Trust the Experts

One of the best resources you’ll have along this journey to your wedding day are the professionals with years of experience helping couples make memories that last. Take advantage of this and lean on them for assistance when deciding on the best options for your big day. Pair flavors that complement each other. Deliver a menu that’s unforgettable and ‘Wow’ guests.

At Riverhouse Catering it is our sole focus to deliver food that is dramatic, bold and passionate on your wedding day. From seasonal menus created by our award-winning chefs to food that’s specially selected and bursting with flavors for a truly extraordinary experience.

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