3 Tips for Hiring the Best Wedding Caterer

Planning your wedding day is a unique experience. Likely nothing like you’ve ever endured before. The highs and lows, the new things you discover about your ability to compromise and just how possible it actually is for your dreams to come true.

If you’re recently engaged: Congratulations. The fun is just getting started. One of the most important aspects of your wedding, aside from creating the ambiance and atmosphere you and your partner dream of, is complementing the day with delicious food and a party that’s hard for guests to forget.

Choosing a venue that has an onsite caterer or one where you’ll need to find a vendor to host the night is a process you don’t need to feel anxious about.

Keep these 3 important tips in mind and you’ll pick the best wedding caterer to make your magical day possible.

1.      Communication is Key

As with any personal or business relationship, communication is key. Knowing that the caterer you contract with has your best interests in mind and is open to making the night everything you dreamed of is important. Pay attention to their communications both digital and when meeting with them in person to get a sense of their professionalism and responsiveness. Is it in line with your expectations? In the relationship you’ll share through the planning process and on your big day, you need to feel confident with your host and the company who will be serving your guests. Get a feel in your first few conversations and don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek someone who is interested in your ideas and details.

2.      Arrange for a Tasting

Serving your guests delicious food is part of the whole package of a successful wedding event. The only way to know for sure if the food will be delicious is to taste it. Even if the caterer doesn’t offer a sit down tasting you can find them at local bridal expos or other events they are hosting and attend those for a firsthand experience of their food and service. During a tasting, you’ll have the opportunity to meet in person and work on the important communication aspect of selecting the best caterer for your wedding. The tasting is also a great time to talk about menu selections and get a feel for how accommodating they are to your needs and whether they bring the creativity and experience you desire to the partnership.

3.      Ask for References

Another great way to confirm that the caterer you’re considering is a great fit is to ask other’s who’ve already worked with them. Thanks to the Internet, there are a vast array of options for reading reviews and testimonials from people about their experiences with companies. Look for information about the experience on the actual day of the event. How friendly was the staff? Did the food receive compliments? To go a step further, you can also reach out to past guests for a private conversation about their experience. Don’t be afraid to stalk the caterer’s social media pages either. This is a great way to gain an inside view of their plates, events and what others are saying.

At Riverhouse Catering we understand how important your big day is and it is our goal to ensure that your event is anything but ordinary.

We offer the very best food, décor and services and focus on impressing your guests the whole night. With delectable cuisine, friendly hosts and a dedication to exceeding your expectations, you’re left to focus on what’s truly important – the experiences and memories made on your special day.

Looking for a wedding caterer in Connecticut? Contact us today. Let’s discuss your wishes!

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