Tradition & Fun Merge for 2019 Wedding Food Trends

Each year the wedding industry adapts to changing demands and shift as a new generation of couples enter into wedding planning. Trends in décor, ceremonial events and even food choices can make or break the day. For this reason, it’s important that couples incorporate their own wishes for the day with what’s popular.

Even if you’re not a proclaimed “foodie”, getting to know what will be trending in 2019 when it comes to food at weddings is important. After all, guests come for the full experience. They want to celebrate your vows as well as enjoy great food, drinks, and entertainment.

Here are some 2019 food trends to watch. Consider incorporating one or more into your big day to make a lasting impression.

Regional Flavors

More and more couples are adding some personal spunk to their big day and making a statement with food choices. Incorporating traditional dishes from their heritage or paying homage to foods from their regional hometowns is trending.

Health Conscious Options

An increasing number of people today are choosing healthy food lifestyles. From plant-based diets to Vegan and Paleo ways of eating, finding a way to incorporate healthy and wholesome foods into your big day will offer choices that everyone can enjoy. Think fresh, organic foods and look for caterers who utilize local sources.

Small, Fun Snack Options

Bite-sized appetizers and finger-style foods are an easy way to please a crowd and offer an array of options. Have fun with the spread and create an “all bacon” theme or use the opportunity to have a stationed server shucking oysters or making fresh guacamole for guests to add a fresh twist.

Similarly, late night snacking is trending at weddings. After a night of dancing and drinking, some comfort snacks are just what’s needed! Pass around small nacho plates, or some milk and cookies as the perfect nightcap. Sliders are a big hit too!

Going Old School

Many couples are also taking things back to the traditional formal sit down-style dinners. This return to 3 or 5-course meals and a more lavish wedding affair works well and has a familiarity many find appealing.

Whatever ideas you have for your big day, jot them down and work with a caterer who understands the trends and can help make your visions come to life. A great venue that steps out from the boring and works with couples on their wishes will make any big day stand out from the crowd.

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