Picking Your Wedding Day: 3 Benefits for Each Season

Getting married is described by many as one of the most magical moments in life. The things is, this magic doesn’t look the same for everyone. If exchanging vows on a glistening beach is your idea of “magical” it could be that a fresh blanket of snow on a winter day is what someone else envisions as a wedding straight out of a fairytale.

Deciding which season is the most optimal doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re already planning out details for your big day, it might be easier than you think to settle into a time of year to get married.

We took the time to highlight 3 great reasons to choose each season as the one when you’ll say, “I do.”

Winter Weddings

Spring Weddings

  1. Great Season for Outdoor Festivities – The mild temps and calming breezes of the spring season in New England make it an optimal time to get married, especially if you’d like your ceremony to be outdoors.
  2. Get Married in Blooming Garden – Speaking of the outdoors, florals are in bloom and it’s the perfect time of year to consider for a garden wedding.
  3. A Swath of Color Options– If you’re all about pastels and romantic color accents for your wedding, then spring is a great season to plan to get married. Imagine the romantic colors your bridesmaids and flower girls could wear.

Summer Weddings

  1. Gaining steam as a popular time of year to get married- While the most popular time of year to get married is in September and October, summer, and in particular the month of August, is getting more and more popular.
  2. The Beach – You can’t have summer with some sand and sun. If a beach wedding is your dream, summer is the month for you.
  3. High attendee turnout– Many couples also choose the summer season because it’s been known to have the best attendee turnout.

Fall Weddings

  1. Stunning Backdrops for unforgettable photos – Especially when you’re talking weddings in New England, the autumn season is magnificent as changing foliage offers a mesmerizing backdrop.
  2. Seasonal food and drink specials are welcoming- You can also capitalize on the season by tying in popular food and drinks like ciders and root veggies into your special day’s menu.
  3. Rustic Décor fits in well – If you’re all about rustic, sunflowers and barnyards then the fall season is a great way to fit in that theme.

Whatever season you decide is going to be the one when you get married, Riverhouse Catering ensures an unforgettable occasion.

We create high-end, gourmet dining experiences for weddings across the state. Choose from our exclusive catering venues like the Nehemiah Brainerd House Bed & Breakfast, New Britain Museum of American Art, Riverfront Boathouse, and more. Or, pick your own favorite location and we’ll help bring the food and event to life!


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