3 Reasons You Should Host Your Next Event at a Museum

If you’re hosting an upcoming event – a wedding, fundraiser, or celebrating a milestone in life, you might find yourself considering how to achieve the ultimate “wow” factor that leaves a lasting impression on guests.

The answer may surprise you.

Rent a Museum for Your Event

Museums provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable event. These are premier venues with unique attractions, unmatched accommodations and that have so much more to offer.

Here are 3 reasons to host your next event at a museum.

1.   Museums Are Unique

We’re a society driven by experiences. Most people today would trade in a predictable time just eating at a restaurant for a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience that enriches them if given the chance. With a museum, you have the ability to create lasting memories and an experience all its own. Think about it. It’s not your traditional setting. Many of these are high-end facilities, historic landmarks, and estates that have been transformed into a museum space with kept grounds and immaculate architecture.

2.   Museums Accommodate Large Crowds

Need to accommodate a very large crowd or just a small group? Neither is a problem since most museums set aside dedicated rooms for these events that can accommodate a varied size of groups. Their immense space also means you won’t’ have to limit invites to your event and if you need to host something with mass appeal, you can do that too.

3.   On-site Entertainment & Fun 

When you rent a museum for your event, you’re not just getting a location to gather your guests, most times you’ll also have the ability to provide on-site fun and entertainment. Tour the galleries and exhibits, and don’t forget that most of this décor is already part of the backdrop.

Host a Museum Event in Connecticut

Once you’ve decided that a museum is the way to go for your next event, you can’t forget about the food. No on-location event is complete without a caterer.

museum holiday party

Riverhouse Catering offers years of experience and expertise in catering specifically for museum locations. We employ a master line-up of culinary talent and service staff that go above and beyond to ensure the entire experience is the very best and leaves a lasting impression with guests.

We also have exclusive and unique partnerships with the following museums in CT:

 Interested in booking an event? Get in touch today! 

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