2020 Hot Wedding Trends

With the New Year upon us, we thought it would be a good time to start talking about all those new, hot trends that are making their way to the wedding industry.  If you’re planning a wedding or will be engaged this year, these are some of the ways the industry is shifting and changing for the better.

Check out the below tips and start to plan how you want to personalize your own wedding experience.

Add Color

Most brides today will admit that wearing a big white dress isn’t exactly what they picture when they think of a beautiful gown they want to wear for the big day. In 2020, brides are stepping out from tradition and doing the things that make their wedding enjoyable. Adding color to the décor and even the attire is big for 2020.

Menswear is also seeing a transformation occur where the rented tux in standard colors is going away and people are opting for bold colors and choices that show off their personal style.

For the rest of the wedding party, more people are incorporating different colors and textures and allowing their friends to dress in items that show off their personality without having to wear fully matching pastel gowns.

More Florals

If anyone thought florals were going away, they were wrong. Especially at weddings, we’re seeing more and more floral elements being incorporated. And we don’t mean ceremonial bouquets and centerpieces.

Brides are wearing fresh flowers in their hair and even using edible arrangements and incorporating them into their cake designs. Speaking of cakes, you’ll see less icing on the creations and a focus on stylized accents instead.

Entertainment Experiences

If there’s one thing that’s leading the way for weddings going into the next decade it’s the desire to create a memorable experience far beyond just a formal meal with the newlyweds.

Brides and grooms are going to larger lengths to provide total experiences for guests. Choosing entertainment experiences that “wow” from ice cream trucks to live bands and even cartoon artists hired to create portraits for guests – the possibilities are endless, fresh and new.

Unique Venues

Instead of the venue being an afterthought or just a place to host guests, the couples of the future are paying close attention to where they get married. They are working closely with event coordinators and venue locations to totally transform locations to create the entire experience for their wedding day. Outside of just restaurant locations, many are looking for unconventional places to have their weddings.

From lavishly decorated barns to even weddings at a museum – there are so many opportunities for newly engaged couples to have fun with their wedding plans and make their event a day with their own personal signature on it.

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