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They say there’s no more an important meal than the one eaten together with friends and family. Add to this event a newly married couple and the occasion becomes even more purposeful.

If you’re a bride currently working on the menu for your wedding day, maybe you’re wondering if you should stick with traditional sit down plated courses, or if a fun buffet-style meal is the crowd-pleaser. Maybe your guests would enjoy being served family-style.

We’re here to tell you that whatever option you choose will be the right one. No one knows your friends and family quite a well as you do, and mostly this is YOUR big day so really, whatever you feel like eating, whatever is the couple’s favorite, should find its way on to the menu if you want it!

Here are some of our insider tips for getting the food portion of your wedding day just right.

When to Keep it Traditional

Classic, traditional weddings typically call for 4-5 course sit down meals with lobsters, steak and other heavy dishes. For many couples carrying on this tradition is important on their big day – and that’s fine. But don’t feel obligated to this style if it’s not the food you enjoy or something your guests care much for.

Making the choice between traditional wedding food, stations or a sit-down meal and doing something truly unique requires simply that the couple works with the catering staff and chefs to create the serving options they desire.

Incorporating Fun Food Trends

If you’re less into the traditional and prefer newer trends, consider wedding finger foods or international dishes from your heritage. Many of these menu options are being incorporated at wedding affairs today and very well received.

Consider a food bar such as mac-n-cheese, tacos, pulled pork or smashed potatoes with all the fixings’. Perhaps an Asian noodle station or serving up some late night milk and cookies after a few hours of dancing and fun. The options are truly limitless on how to put your own signature stamp on the night.

Tips From Other Experts

We’re not the only ones that feel your special day should have great, personalized food options. We went to some other expert resources for their take on how to handle food options at your wedding.

Food writers and cookbook authors Matt Lee and Ted Lee list out some of the tips in their bestselling book “Hotbox”

– Keep things simple, and don’t go overboard. You want people to enjoy the flavors of the food without getting lost in the story leading up to why you choose to serve it.

– Choose food that coordinates well with the surroundings. From the temperature of the room to the season your wedding is happening in all of these elements can be tied into the types of foods that will really be a hit at your wedding event.

Riverhouse Catering provides delectable, memorable cuisine that’s bursting with flavor and elegance. If you’re planning your wedding, work with our expert staff to come up with a menu that’s sure to please and create a lasting impression on guests.  Get in touch today! 

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