Summer Wedding Menu Ideas

Summer weddings are some of the most stunning ceremonies. Especially here in the beautiful state of Connecticut.  If you’ve begun planning your wedding, we’ve got some great ideas to inspire your menu choices so you can create a summer wedding menu that is as bold and beautiful as your guests.

The best wedding menus are seasonal, fresh, and delicious.

One of the best things about summer weddings is that you have access to fresh, in-season ingredients at their peak. The best wedding menus are in line with the season and offer a perfect mix of seasonal, fresh, and delicious options. 

Seasonal Soup

Served as a first-course wedding meal, soup can set the tone for what’s to come and create a classic choice. Served either hot or cold, depending on the weather some of the best options include chowders, in-season vegetables, and bisques. 

Refreshing Salad

Summer is also a great time to splurge on fresh and seasonal produce, like cucumbers and berries. These can be added to salad options to create a variety of flavors. You want your guests to enjoy the flavor profile of your dish as much as the way looks on their plate. Choose fresh ingredients that are in season at the time of year you’re planning to get married. Work with a wedding caterer that uses the best ingredients for your wedding meal.

Vegetarian Options

Vegetarians are a growing demographic and in addition to the health benefits, having vegetarian options is an excellent choice for weddings – especially summer weddings (when local veggies are in season). If you want to incorporate your favorite vegetables into your menu, here are some ideas:

  • Grilled vegetable skewers
  • Chickpea salad 
  • Summer rolls with peanut sauce


Last but not least, are desserts – the best part of the wedding meal!  If you want to go all-out on your special day and have both a wedding cake and groom’s cake, it’s your day – so we encourage it! Venetian tables and trendy ice cream trucks and donut bars are also an option. Just make sure that whatever dessert options you choose to end the big night, do something unique—a different flavor or shape—so guests will remember it and the amazing experience they had with you on your big day.

Riverhouse Catering is proud to be one of Connecticut’s premier caterers. We specialize in fine food, fabulous service, and providing you with your dream wedding. For more information or for a quote, call us at 860-404-5051 or visit our website.

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