Considerations for Choosing a Wedding Caterer

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Choosing a caterer is often one of the most important tasks in planning a wedding. Besides finding a caterer whose food is right for your big day, there are multiple other considerations that will come into play. It helps to make a checklist of your needs in advance so that when you approach prospective caterers, you have all your bases covered. 

Here are some ideas that will help you prepare for your initial meeting with a caterer. 


If you’ve already chosen the day for your wedding, availability is one way to weed out caterers that won’t work for you. This is particularly critical if you’re getting married during popular wedding times (late spring through early fall). The best caterers book up fast and do not have unlimited capacity to cater multiple events at a time. So if you love the food and service of a particular caterer it’s worth it to consider aligning the dates before you make a final decision. Remember the food and service are some of the most memorable aspects of the big day for your guests.


Has the caterer done weddings before? This is so important. Ask about their experience and the types of weddings they have done, and what types of food they have prepared. A professional catering company will have lots of recommendations and testimonials and a reputation you can trust. Your wedding is not a time when you want a new, inexperienced caterer or one that has never managed a large event.


Many caterers are comfortable and experienced in doing a wedding that is in a traditional wedding venue. But if you’re planning a unique wedding – outdoors, at home, or in some other location – they may not be able to be as accommodating, so you want to also be sure the caterer understands your vision and can help you deliver an exceptional experience for your guests – no matter when you choose to host the event. 


Before you settle on a caterer, engage in a bit of homework. Ask for reviews and recommendations from other couples who have used them to cater wedding meals in the past. Some caterers may only give you the references of people who were pleased so it’s important to head over to the Internet and social media to do a more in-depth look. 

Food types

If you have special food requests (Kosher, halal, vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free, etc.), it’s important to talk with a caterer early on in your discussions about these requirements. See if the caterer is willing to accommodate those special requests. Not all caterers will be prepared or willing to meet your requirements. 


Caterers will often give you a cost quote based on a per-meal basis. This quote, however, may not include any extras so be sure to ask a prospective caterer to give you a fully itemized estimate so you won’t be surprised by extras and overages on the big day. 

In Connecticut, Haddam-based Riverhouse Catering can help you bring the plans for your big day to life at either one of their fabulous preferred locations or at a venue of your choice. Your wedding day should reflect you and your lifestyle, and Riverhouse Catering will be there to support your design, concept, and dream. 

For more information or for a quote, call us at 860-404-5051 or visit our website to discuss your catering needs. 

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