Ideas for a Modern Bachelorette Party

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Bachelorette parties have traditionally had some tried-and-true ingredients: a dress for a night out, high heels, drinks, bars, and nightclubs. But maybe this formula isn’t for you, and you’re finding the old recipe tired and predictable. Perhaps you’d like to connect with nature a bit, have a better foodie-based experience or just make some unique memories with your besties. 

Weddings have changed today and the customs of yesterday are no longer the norm. In fact, there’s nothing to stop you from doing it your own way and putting an adventure stamp on your second-most special day. 

Here are some new ideas for a modern bachelorette party.

Spend it on the water. 

As excellent weather approaches, consider chartering a boat. Pontoons, party boats, yachts, and even sailboats (for the more intrepid) can present a unique opportunity to enjoy a bachelorette party in style. Depending on the size of your budget (and the size of the boat), you can even turn it into an overnight adventure. Coupled with the right music, the right food, and the right drinks, it could become a memory to cherish. 

Have a dinner party. 

Bachelorette parties aren’t often known for their epicurean delights, but that’s a tradition that can and should be changed. Imagine spending your special night in an intimate and elegant setting with your closest friends and no one else: no well-wishing strangers, no unwanted flirting, and no loud noises or annoying music to get in the way of genuine camaraderie. Choose the site, the menu, and the guest list, and you’re in control of your special evening. 

Make it a picnic.

What sort of setting inspires you? The beach? A flower-filled meadow? A park with softball or frisbees? The lawn of an elegant mansion? There is no shortage of ideal settings for a bachelorette picnic, and many caterers will be happy to fulfill your picnic menu in a location of your choice. 

Plan a craft cocktail event. 

Rather than trotting out the boring old nightclub drinks menu, get a little creative with your cocktail menu and use craft ingredients for some unique drinks. One idea to consider: use botanical liquors and mixers such as elderflower, lavender, mint, and fresh fruits to make cocktail (or mocktail) blends that will make you forget about rum and Coke forever. 

Plan a workshop-based party. 

What types of crafts interest you and your friends? Perhaps a pottery-themed bachelorette party might be right for your group, or a cooking and baking event. Many other types of events come to mind: flower arranging, wine tasting, or museum lectures as the basis for your last party as a single woman. 

To bring these ideas to fruition, work with a caterer who is happy to accommodate requests outside the traditional norm. If a unique bachelorette event is what you desire, Haddam, Connecticut-based Riverhouse Catering can help you bring your plan to life at one of their fabulous locations or at a venue of your choice. Your girls’ night out should reflect you and your lifestyle, and Riverhouse Catering will be there to support your design, concept, and dream. 

For more information or for a quote, call us at 860-345-4100 or visit our website to discuss your bachelorette party needs. 

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