Rustic Summer Wedding Ideas: DIY Decor and Vintage Touches

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Wedding trends vary from year to year and decade to decade, but rustic weddings fit for the countryside (even if you’re in the suburbs!), never lose their charm and appeal. A country wedding in the summer is a great way to add personalized decorative touches and themes that stand the test of time. Think vintage décor, a dressed down wedding party, an outdoor location and tried and true traditions that everyone appreciates.

To help you find your style, we’re showcasing a few of our favorite rustic wedding ideas that you can apply to everything from the décor to the food and drinks and even the wedding dress.

The location of the venue. If the indoor wedding venue isn’t to your style, there are a whole host of other types of venues that might fit you better. Rustic weddings are ideally staged outdoors, or on ranches and farms. (Old barns are the best!) These types of venues are ideal for country weddings because of their connection to nature. Other ideas include vineyards, mountain lodges, lakesides or even public parks or campgrounds.

Color palettes. If you’re not an all-bridal-white kind of couple, or want to shy away from anything too bright, rustic color palettes are ideal. Think of sage green, soft rose, peach or dusty blue. The idea is to blend your wedding décor right into the countryside background.

Go rustic with the flowers. Perfect hothouse flowers are not to everyone’s taste. With a rustic summer wedding, you’ll have a wide variety of natural, local flowers available to you, including wildflowers! (There’s no rule that says all your flowers need to come from the florist.) If you do go with a florist, ask them to make your arrangements in less formal containers, such as clay pots, metal watering cans or distressed wooden boxes.

Consider dressing down. If tuxes aren’t the groom’s thing, a country wedding is a perfect way to allow the wedding party and the guests to dress down a bit. Many couples choosing a rustic wedding take the opportunity to set a more natural and casual dress code. (Who wants to wear satin shoes in a barnyard?) The good news is that there are still many unique styles available that will fit with a country theme: think prairie style with ruffles, or even cowgirl style.

A good excuse for handmade décor. If you’re trying to keep costs down, the good news is that handmade décor fits right in with a rustic country wedding. Haunt a local flea market in advance of the wedding…you may just find some marvelous items that could be easily transformed into unique, rustic wedding décor. Think about old lanterns, wine barrels, metal candleholders, distressed boards, whitewashed furniture and other lovely items.

Go rustic in the food. Many of us dread the regular “rubber chicken on a plate” that seems to arrive at the table at so many weddings. A rustic wedding is an excuse to serve the food that everyone loves: you can opt for a barbecue, for example, or even a pig roast. Some couples are even choosing to fill the buffet with gourmet pizzas.

Pick an Experienced, Established Outdoor Venue and Caterer

In Connecticut, Haddam-based Riverhouse Catering can help you bring your rustic summer wedding to life at one of their fabulous locations or at a venue of your choice. Your big day should reflect you and your lifestyle, and Riverhouse Catering will be there to support your design, concept and dream.

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