Outdoor Ceremony Ideas: How to Make the Most of Your Venue’s Natural Beauty

wedding ceremony on the banks of the Connecticut River.

When it comes to romance, there are few things more magical than an outdoor wedding. The sounds, smells and colors of nature and its beautiful elements provide a backdrop that is impossible to imitate indoors. It also represents an exciting challenge: outdoor wedding planning provides an unrivaled opportunity to create a space that reflects who you are as a couple.

When you marry outdoors, you can incorporate nature into your wedding, whether it’s a sunset, a moonrise, trees and flowers, a green lawn and the magical smells of spring, summer or fall. There are, of course, some drawbacks to an outdoor wedding: for one, the weather is unpredictable, and outdoor events can attract mosquitoes and other pests. For this reason, it’s important to choose a location where you can control for these factors.

For starters, when considering an outdoor wedding, choose your date wisely to try to avoid rainy times of the year, scorching heat or early autumn cold. This way, you can ensure that your guests have a great time and don’t wind up with frostbite or sunburn as a souvenir.

Opportunities for outdoor weddings include:

The ability to create a magical outdoor entry space. Welcome your guests into your venue with a custom-designed entry that might include a gazebo or other structure that can make your wedding feel like a magical fairyland. Use flowers, streamers and light to enhance the entry.

The loveliest photos. There is no backdrop for wedding photos like a natural one. Whether you prefer trees, meadow or water features, they will show up beautifully in your wedding album.

Wedding signage. Use your creative skills to make signs that point your guests in the right direction of the events.

Outdoor shelter. Outdoors doesn’t necessarily mean “open to the elements.” Look for a venue with a covered space so a sprinkle of rain won’t ruin your big day.

Lawn games. While guests mingle during the wedding photos, consider taking advantage of the outdoor space and providing lawn games to entertain them while they wait for the festivities to start.

Create a magical atmosphere with outdoor lighting. Depending on your preferences or your theme, you can decorate with string lighting, candles, lanterns, torches and even chandeliers hung in the trees.

Prepare to Keep Nature Comfortable

Since nature can be unpredictable, there are ways to keep your guests in comfort even if rain or bugs show up at the party. You can provide blankets to attendees if it gets cool in the evening and speak to the venue to determine how best to protect the happy couple, the wedding guests, the food and the cake from insects. Many venues regularly fumigate for insects and use other pest control methods such as bug zappers or citronella torches.

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