2019 Hottest Wedding Trends

The New Year is quickly approaching and for recently engaged couples or those soon to be engaged, it’s time to talk about weddings in 2019.

While classic, elegant weddings will never go out of style, there are some fun, new touches being added to weddings – from the attire to the reception details that are worth hearing about as you plan for your magical big day.

Here’s a look at 2019’s hottest wedding trends.

Moody, Bold Colors

Fresh off the heels of a few years of muted pastels and rose tones, 2019 brings in a refreshing change of dark, moody and bold colors. Colors like rich purples, emerald greens, and metallic rust are being used against neutral backdrops for a refreshing pop of color. In fact, purple is predicted to be one of the hottest colors for weddings in 2019.  Keep this in mind as you plan your color palette.

Touches of Nature

While 2018 saw a lot of floral at weddings, the New Year brings with it more greenery. Rich green leaves, vines, and spreads are adding height and volume to backdrops, centerpieces, tablescapes, and bouquets. If you’re looking to add something trendy to your wedding décor, consider bringing natural elements from the outdoors to your indoor reception. These compliment another texture trend we’ll see in 2019: velvet.

Customized, Personalized Experiences

The perfect wedding venue to host your big event remains one of the biggest and most important details for planning the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Outside of just picking a venue to gather, tomorrow’s brides and grooms are adding personalization and customization to their events.

According to the wedding experts over at The Knot, couples are going for, “full olfactory experiences that delight the senses and keep the memory of the day alive.”  Think colorful smoke bomb exists, sparkler send-offs and other surprises you can add to fully immerse wedding guests in the big day.

Whether it’s picking unique food that adds to the theme or a unique form of entertainment for guests or choosing a venue with a view, it’s all about going outside of the box to bring the experience full circle.

Riverhouse Catering ensures your special day is anything but ordinary. If you want your wedding to be an unforgettable occasion, look no further. In addition to two elegantly- appointed venues: The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station and The Society Room of Hartford, Riverhouse Catering has partner locations as unique as boathouses, museums, farms, Broadway-size theaters and more! Combined with stellar food, presentations, and service, your 2019 wedding will truly be one-of-a-kind!

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