Why Sustainable Catering Matters

Sustainability is a term you’ll often hear come up when discussions around conservation and a better ecology arise. The goal is really for humans to coexist in the biosphere without completely depleting the natural resources of the earth. To make this happen, a great reduction of waste and the ability to understand energy use is needed.

Sustainability is important because the future health of our loved ones depends on it. Improved air quality and a society that is healthy and thriving require efforts to protect the environment now – in our own homes, communities and in all that we do.

Food waste is one of the top areas of focus when it comes to improving how we conserve valuable resources. As a caterer, an industry that quickly moves through food to provide our services, it is very important for us to put sustainability efforts in place.

At Riverhouse Catering, we strive to work with locally sourced, responsible vendors who believe in zero waste and that use clean methods for sourcing whenever possible.

Farm to table isn’t just a buzzword. We believe in bringing the highest quality selection of foods to incorporate in all of our dishes. In addition to supporting local farms, the fact that the food had to travel less to get to us means there’s less carbon footprint involved and the freshness can’t be beaten.

Riverhouse Catering sources local food items whenever they are available and in season and encourage our clients to design the menus for their events in line with this. Some of the venues we work with such as Chatfield Hollow Inn, also use food from their onsite garden.

Some of the other areas where we focus our efforts on bringing responsible catering options to customers include:

Using Organic Produce

There a numerous benefits when it comes to organically grown food. With fewer chemicals and harmful pollutants used in the soil and the care given to the produce, meals are healthier for human consumption while protecting the earth.

Smarter Packaging Options

We try to order food and ingredients with less disposable packaging to cut down on plastic and paper waste as well as use sustainable and biodegradable tableware whenever possible. Specifically, Riverhouse Hospitality makes use of both eco-Product renewable and eco-friendly products and has implemented a paper straw policy at all events as well.

Recycling / Composting

While composting can be a challenge in kitchens at properties we don’t own, we do put a strong focus on getting accurate headcounts from party planners and offering menu options for guests to cut down on the amount of food waste. We also recycle everything whenever possible.

If you’re looking for a catering company in Connecticut to host your upcoming event that offers an incredible experience, delectable menu and is environmentally responsible, contact Riverhouse Catering today!

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