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Your wedding is a beautiful experience. It’s filled with loving family, friends, important people, your commitment to your significant other, and all the other wonderful aspects you have designed into your most special day. As momentous as this occasion is – there’s one thing your guests look forward to outside of gazing in awe at your gown and wiping tears when you say ‘I do’ and that’s the food!

Good wedding food is important. It’s something the guests will talk about and it’s a big part of the overall experience had at your event. When people are raving about the cuisine and can’t stop talking about something delicious and unique they tasted that day it’s a memory that continues living. That’s because we all have a direct attachment to our hearts and our bellies.

So if you’re in the midst of wedding planning for 2021/2022 and have made it to the food selection phase, we’ve got some current trends you may want to consider adding to your day.

Individually Plated & Wrapped Desserts

While we continue practicing social distancing, many wedding guests have been pleased to find a selection of individually plated desserts and even wrapped sweets at the Venetian table that they can take with them. It not only looks great on the table but reassures the confidence that the food hasn’t been handled prior to their consumption. Consider asking for dessert shooters or if you’re working with a specialty baker ask them to create wrapped cookies, donuts, or boxed pastries your guests can grab and take with them as a thank you.

Plant-based Food Choices

With an even greater focus on health, vegan and plant-based options are making their way to more wedding menus these days. If you know you have guests who practice this way of eating, it may make sense to have a dish that day that they will enjoy too. Such as a vegan, gluten-free quinoa & roasted vegetable dish for your guests.

Locally-sourced Items

The pandemic hasn’t just changed how we socially distance, but it’s also left an impact on the supply chain. That, and increasing awareness of the importance of supporting local business, has many couples turning to locally sourced items for their wedding day. When it comes to a signature drink or a personalized parting gift for your guests, a popular choice is to gift them a spirit they can take with them with your name and wedding date on the label. Those spirits are now increasingly being crafted locally. The same goes for foods used to make the dishes for the meal. Picking items that are seasonal and local can make it even easier to provide bright colors and delicious food options for your big day.

Remember, the options are endless to make your special day all your own, and it makes it that much more special when you work with a vendor that offers high-quality service and exceptional care.

At Riverhouse Catering we make it our business to provide an unforgettable occasion. We offer the finest in full-service catering in Connecticut and will be there to support your design, concept, and style.


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