What Does the Modern Bride Really Want at Her Wedding?

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There are few events today that drive fashion, design, and food trends like weddings. Many couples want their special day to reflect new ideas and choose their big day as a time to reflect the zeitgeist. They also want their wedding to stand out as special and feel like a unique moment rather than a reflection of every other wedding guests have been to in recent years. 

So what are some of the things modern brides are looking for today? Read on to find out. 

A bigger splash. The global COVID-19 pandemic delayed many weddings or caused them to be simpler and sparser than many couples would have wished. As we enter the post-COVID phase, couples that waited – or those who are newly engaged – are looking for a return to larger, splashier weddings. This includes more weddings at fairy-tale venues as opposed to in backyards or church social halls. 

A retro vibe. While the use of the term “modern couple” may denote twenty-first-century wedding themes, this isn’t necessarily the case. Wedding planners have noticed a distinct trend toward 1970s throwback weddings, according to MarthaStewart.com, which recently interviewed several wedding planners to determine new trends. 

“Bring back the 1970s: the fashion, the music, and especially the disco balls!” wedding planner Jove Meyer told MarthaStewart.com. “They will be all over, from ceremony to the dance party, to shine bright throughout the big day.”

More dressed-up weddings. After several years of low-key weddings, couples are eager to get dressed up formally again. Lace is back for women’s clothing (reflecting something fashionistas are calling “Elizabethan Core”), though styles are leaning away from traditional black and white and towards more bright, bold colors. 

Pre-ceremony cocktails. While a nip or two of Dutch Courage is as old as marriage itself, more couples are preparing small, intimate pre-ceremony cocktail gatherings with family, close friends, and the bridal party…in some cases, for all guests. 

 “While this doesn’t typically work if your wedding day event begins at the church if guests are gathering at an alternative location for the ceremony, a ‘warm welcome’ gives your guests 20 to 30 minutes to mix and mingle before they sit for the ceremony or board shuttles,” wedding planner Kelly McWilliams told MarthaStewart.com. 

After-parties. While some guests look forward to the end of a wedding so they can take their shoes off and relax, others – particularly those in younger demographics – are looking for the night to go on. Couples like after-parties because they allow them to let their hair down after a wedding event full of expectations.  

“Your big day is one of the happiest days of your life but also one of the busiest,” wrote Chapelle Johnson for The Knot. “Your wedding day timeline will be packed with things for you and your partner to do, like giving your welcome speech and cutting the cake. In the end, you won’t have as much quality time with your loved ones as you might think. So keep the party going if you want to celebrate your nuptials with your nearest and dearest even more.”

Choose a Venue That Will Accommodate Today’s Wedding Trends

To celebrate some of these trends, look for a wedding caterer that is au courant with the wedding fashions you’re keen on. In Connecticut, Haddam-based Riverhouse Catering can help you bring your plan to life at one of their fabulous locations or at a venue of your choice. Your big day should reflect you and your lifestyle, and Riverhouse Catering will be there to support your design, concept, and dream. 

For more information or for a quote, call us at 860-345-4100 or visit our website to discuss your catering needs. 

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