Wedding Speeches & Toasts 101

Ah, the wonderful and often dreaded wedding speech! It’s such a critical part of the big day and it also comes with lots of questions and anxiety surrounding it. The newlyweds are hoping no one reveals anything embarrassing in their attempts to tell a funny story. The Maid of Honor is crippled with a fear of public speaking and locks up mid-speech. We’ve all been there or seen it happen – but we’re here to tell you that getting through a wedding speech or toast is totally doable!

Here’s how.

Tips to Survive Your Wedding Toast Speech

First things first. Don’t panic. Even if you hate talking to large crowds, you’re going to survive these few minutes amongst family and friends who you’ve likely talked to many times before individually. Next, have a plan. If you write your thoughts down and structure it in a way that makes your points quickly and succinctly it will be so much easier to make it through your speech eloquently. 

A pro tip for the day of the big speech is to scan the crowd with your eyes looking out but not making any direct eye contact if you’re worried it will strike up your nerves. This way you’re still engaged and looking up but moving through what you need to say.  Also, speak clearly and slowly enough for everyone to understand you. You’re not being graded on how well you perform – everyone is there to just honor the new couple, so enjoy it and it will be over before you know it!  

How Many Speeches Are Too Many?

The other thing about speeches is they can get old quickly. As nice as it is to hear a few words about the couple and what makes this day special and unique, there is a thin line between special and sentimental and just being overkill. Guests are there to be entertained and short and sweet will always be a good choice. Pick a few key people to say a few words and remember that no matter how many speeches will be made, make sure it does not exceed 30 minutes of the total days’ time as a general rule. 

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