Wedding Food Trends for 2023

The 2020 pandemic threw the social world into disarray, and as the world enters the post-COVID phase, weddings are back with a vengeance. The new 2023 “wedding boom” is in full swing, and couples are eager to embrace new trends and fashions when it comes to designing their ideal nuptial day. 

Some of the food-related trends that are showing up in weddings in 2023 include:

Local Food

As an extension of the “locavore” trend, many couples are choosing food that is local to the region as a way of maximizing freshness and quality while minimizing the environmental impact and celebrating their home area. In many cases, friends and family will be coming from other parts of the country, so choosing to “go local” will help showcase your home region’s strengths. 

Craft Cocktails

Cocktails are a beautiful medium for fresh, quality ingredients, exotic tastes, and unique ingredients. The wedding couple can use cocktails (or mocktails) to communicate their life vision and artistic tendencies.

Vintage Cakes

When it comes to wedding cakes, what’s old is new again. More and more couples are opting for cakes that look like those from their grandparents’ wedding photos with throwback icing colors and Lambeth-style piping, which consists of multiple rows of intricately piped details. 

Haute Cuisine Menus 

Most of us are accustomed to very typical wedding food choices when it comes to food. In 2023, more couples are looking for food inspiration with unusual fresh ingredients, cultural fusion, and a fresh take on the traditional wedding spread. When it’s time to look for a caterer, ensure that you find one that is willing to work with you to design a menu that will wow your family and friends.

Dessert Tables

 While chances are good you’ll still want a wedding cake, it’s a great idea to go further than cake and create a station that serves small, bite-sized indulgent treats such as petit-fours, handmade chocolates, tiny cheesecake bites or beautiful, fruit-themed desserts. 

Choose the best caterer in CT

Couples today are looking to find wedding venues that align with their own visions of what a celebration should look like. This may include the setting (natural beauty is emphasized), the architecture, the vibe, and the décor. It’s important to “know your guest list,” so you can determine how many people are likely to come, and what venue elements will put your friends and family into a celebratory mood. 

In Connecticut, Riverhouse Catering can help you bring your plans to life at one of their fabulous locations or at a venue of your choice. Your big day should reflect you and your lifestyle, and Riverhouse Catering will be there to support your design, concept, and dream. 

For more information or for a quote visit our website. 

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