Wedding Catering Trends to Watch

Couples are getting creative with their weddings these days. There’s never been a better time to celebrate love and do it in a unique and fun way. If you’re planning your big day, you should know that there are a few trends on the rise when it comes to wedding catering. Consider some of these increasingly popular themes and options so you can plan ahead and make sure your big day is a hit! 

Grazing Tables

Traditional wedding catering, a sit-down affair with served courses is certainly still very popular, but today’s couples are looking for other fun ways to get guests up out of their chairs, mingling, and taking in the full experience of the day. Grazing tables are a great and delicious way to do that. They are becoming increasingly popular at weddings because they allow guests to eat at their own pace while socializing with others. They can be placed around the venue or outside, depending on the weather and location of your event. Long buffet tables or smaller tables spread throughout the venue can include everything from appetizers to comfort snacks and unique items that can showcase your culture and the culinary talents of your caterer. 

Plant-based / Vegan Meal Options

A growing number of couples are opting for plant-based meal options—and it’s been a hit. Some couples are even opting for vegan weddings! As this type of menu expands in popularity, you’ll even find caterers that specialize in creating plant-based dishes that look and taste incredible for all guests. 

Flowers in Food Dishes 

Adding edible flowers as a garnish to dishes is quickly becoming a staple at weddings. Not only does it add some color and style to your food presentation, but there are many edible flowers out there and caterers are incorporating them into their dishes. Everything from rosewater in lemonade to edible flower petals sprinkled over desserts – the possibilities are endless! 

Late Night Cocktail Hour

Another way to set yourself apart from other weddings is by offering a late-night cocktail hour after dinner. This gives guests an opportunity to relax and unwind before heading home. This trend is especially great because it gives everyone something fun to enjoy after the main event. 

Whether or not you do a traditional cocktail hour (where guests socialize while drinking cocktails), this popular trend is still a hit. 

Whether it’s your wedding day, a holiday party, a family reunion, or a business affair, Riverhouse Catering ensures an unforgettable occasion. Our professional staff and chefs offer a wide variety of menu options to suit any taste or style. Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible while making your event one that will be remembered forever.

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