Unveiling the Splendor: Riverhouse Catering Venue Locations in Connecticut

In the heart of Connecticut, where scenic landscapes meet historic charm, Riverhouse Catering takes center stage for events by turning get-togethers into extraordinary memories. With a portfolio that reads like a love letter, Riverhouse Catering operates in some of the most enchanting venues, each boasting its unique character.

From the grandeur of the Wadsworth Mansion to the charm of the Glastonbury Boathouse, Riverhouse Catering has mastered the art of enhancing the ambiance of these spaces for weddings and private events.

Let’s have a closer look: 

Wadsworth Mansion:  Morris, CT

Wadsworth Mansion in Morris, CT

Nestled in the quaint town of Morris, the Wadsworth Mansion stands as a testament to timeless elegance. Riverhouse Catering transforms this historic venue into a culinary masterpiece, offering an exquisite menu that mirrors the mansion’s grandeur. From intimate gatherings to lavish celebrations, the combination of the mansion’s regal architecture and Riverhouse’s bold flavors creates an unforgettable experience for all.

Glastonbury Boathouse:  Glastonbury, CT

Overlooking the picturesque Connecticut River, the Glastonbury Boathouse exudes a serene charm that Riverhouse Catering seamlessly complements. The culinary team crafts menus inspired by the river’s bounty, ensuring that each dish is a culinary journey. The result is a perfect fusion of nature’s beauty and gastronomic delight, making the Glastonbury Boathouse a sought-after venue for weddings and private events.

Smith Farms Gardens: East Haddam, CT

Smith Farms Garden in East Haddam, CT

In the enchanting town of East Haddam, Smith Farms Gardens provides a whimsical backdrop for celebrations. Riverhouse Catering embraces the garden’s vibrant atmosphere, offering menus that reflect the freshness of the surrounding blooms. The combination of lush greenery and bold flavors creates an immersive experience, turning every event at Smith Farms Gardens into a feast for the senses.

Chatfield Hollow Inn: Killingworth, CT

Nestled in the heart of Killingworth, the Chatfield Hollow Inn radiates rustic charm. Riverhouse Catering elevates this sprawling outdoor venue with a culinary approach that balances comfort and sophistication. From intimate gatherings to festive weddings, the pairing of the property’s warm ambiance with Riverhouse’s passionate service ensures that every event at Chatfield Hollow Inn is infused with genuine hospitality.

Hartford Stage: Hartford, CT

For those seeking a touch of theatrical flair, Riverhouse Catering’s collaboration with Hartford Stage brings drama to life. The historic theater provides a unique backdrop for events, and Riverhouse’s bold flavors mirror the creativity that unfolds on stage. Whether it’s a gala or an intimate affair, the combination of theatrical ambiance and passionate catering sets the stage for an unforgettable experience.

New England Air Museum: Windsor Locks, CT

In Windsor Locks, the New England Air Museum takes events to new heights. Riverhouse Catering embraces the museum’s aviation history, creating menus that soar with innovation. The juxtaposition of historic aircraft and avant-garde culinary creations makes every event at the New England Air Museum a high-flying affair, leaving guests with memories that linger long after the celebration.

If you’re looking to host an event that ‘wows’, Riverhouse Catering’s presence in these diverse venues across Connecticut is a testament to its commitment to creating extraordinary experiences. The marriage of dramatic settings, bold flavors, and passionate service elevates each event, leaving an unforgettable mark on the hearts of those who attend. 


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