Traditional Wedding Cake Alternatives

Whenever we think of wedding cakes, the traditional, tiered wedding cake is the first thing to come to mind. It originated at the 1882 wedding of Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany. Aside from its rich history, unveiling the cake, cutting it into slices and having the newlyweds feed it to one another has always made a great photo op. However, nowadays there are so many delicious things to eat at weddings that the cake isn’t the only thing that stands out for the event. You can have different kinds of food in place of cake that is also a hit – such as donut towers or cupcakes! These alternatives to traditional wedding cakes have become very popular in recent years because they look so good (and who doesn’t like donuts or cupcakes?) and also because they represent what you want your wedding day to be like: fun, colorful and delicious!

What is a Traditional Wedding Cake?

Traditionally, a wedding cake may include figurines of the bride and groom on top and is typically three layers of round sponge cake topped with icing and decorated with sugar flowers.

The cake’s purpose is to serve as the focal point at weddings, as well as provide delicious dessert for guests at the reception.

It is generally served to guests after the meal, although some couples choose to have their cake cut as part of the ceremony. Wedding cakes can range anywhere from $500 into the $1000’s.

A variation of the wedding cake has actually been around since ancient Rome when brides were served cakes made with honey by their mother-in-law before their marriage ceremonies. The tradition later moved into western culture with its roots in Britain, where guests would bring gifts of food and drink to celebrate newlyweds’ union after they returned from their honeymoon vacation

If it’s not your thing, why not try an alternative? There are many different types of cakes available now that can help you express your personal tastes and preferences. There are many ways to celebrate love on your big day without needing a giant cake!

Donut towers and walls

Donut towers and walls are great ways to add height and dimension to your dessert table. Donuts are sure to be a crowd favorite at your wedding!

If you’re looking for something more traditional, donut towers will add height without taking away from the focus of other desserts. You can also showcase different flavors of donuts; everyone loves variety! Donut walls can also serve as an amazing backdrop for photos with your guests.

Dessert (Venetian) Tables

A dessert table is another great way to incorporate your favorite desserts into your wedding, without having to only serve the cake. Sometimes called Venetian tables, these are large displays of sweets where you can have fun with themes and colors by choosing desserts that match. Decorate with flowers, ribbons, or other items that reflect the flavor of the day.

Cheesecake wedding cakes

Cheesecake is another traditional wedding cake alternative that has been gaining popularity in the last few years. Cheesecake is an incredibly versatile dessert; it can be served as a stand-alone dessert or as part of a larger spread. You can buy premade cheesecakes from grocery stores, and bakeries, and even make them yourself.

Cupcakes, macarons, and cookies

Cupcakes and cookies and macaroons have also become quite popular choices at weddings. They are an easy and popular dessert option that can replace the need for a traditional cake if done right. Think large in size, personalized or stacked in a tower, the options are endless.

No matter what type of dessert you choose, adding some pops of color with edible flowers or fruit can add some elegance to your treats!

With so many delicious options, choosing what dessert to serve at your wedding can be hard. If you’re looking for something different than the expected traditional wedding cake, we hope this list has inspired some creative ideas for you! We know that desserts are an important part of any wedding and it can be fun to think outside the box when it comes time to select them.

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