5 Tips for a Successful Wedding Postponement During COVID-19

During the current uncertainty created by the novel coronavirus – a pandemic faced by the entire nation, many brides have had to make the unfortunate decision to postpone their wedding celebration to a later date. While this pains even us who work tirelessly as event planners, menu creators and collaborators to make your dream day come true, there are still things you can do right now in the midst of it all to prepare for the postponement so that when your wedding does happen, it will still be everything you dreamed of and more!

To help limit the spread of COVID-19 in the state of Connecticut, the governor required mandatory closings anywhere gatherings occur. Couples most directly affected by the executive order are those who had planned for a very early spring wedding in the months of March and April. It may extend a bit further and we’ll continue to closely monitor as the days unfold but for the time being, we have learned most of all during this experience that it is possible to create positivity in uncertain circumstances. Here are our tips for helping you to have a successful postponement.

1.      Pick a New Date

After the initial shock and sadness that many brides-to-be have naturally had, it’s time to get to work. When you select a vendor like us, who is flexible and offers top-notch services, it’s so much easier to find your way out of this extreme situation with some clarity. First things first. You want to choose the new date you’ll be postponing your wedding day to. This should be a decision made together with your partner and in sync with the venue’s availability. While there is much to do and many other couples in the same situation, there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel, we promise!

2.      Consider Seasonal Changes

Depending on the new date for your wedding, you might be moving to a different season altogether. Maybe you had factored in cooler temps with your color choices or attire but will now be having a summer wedding and want to change the theme a bit. If that is the case, the good news is now you have time to do it! Flex those creative muscles. Did you already have some of your centerpieces chosen? Simply swap out to a seasonal flower or change tulle for burlap –tiny things can make all the difference!

3.      Reconfigure the Menu

One thing that could also change depending on when your wedding will happen is the menu options. Be sure to get in touch with your venue and caterer to discuss food choices and any changes. You may have different in-season options, or were never sure about that lamb option from the beginning, so now’s your chance to change it to something you do want!

4.      Get in Touch with Everyone

Communications are going to play a vital role in helping to keep your guests, vendors and others on the same page. Be sure to communicate the postponement, new date or other changes that will be taking place. Make yourself available for calls with vendors to work out new days and options and keep an open mind as you navigate to a new day for your celebration.

5.      Make New Honeymoon Plans

Since travel bans are also in effect and your new wedding date could also change your honeymoon, don’t forget to add scheduling changes for that trip into your list of to-dos’. If you’re at home and practicing social distancing you can use this extra time to work out new details for your after nuptial celebrations and find alternatives that will make the wedding of your dreams still possible.

At Riverhouse Catering we understand how challenging these times might feel when you had been planning your wedding to happen now, but we are here to support you in all the changes and updates needed to make your dream day happen.

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