3 Reasons to Have a Post Wedding Brunch

Weddings are transforming dynamically. Even before COVID-19 and social distancing orders, we’ve seen weddings become an all new experience for guests. New, reimagined locations, exquisite food choices and entertainment are just some of the ways weddings are going beyond the traditional events of yesterday. 

One way weddings are also changing are the amount of days couples are stretching out the celebration. 

Typically, the bridal party would spend the days leading up to the ceremony together, preparing and rehearsing. But today’s couples are taking things a step further with post and pre events that include the guests too. In this post we’ll explore the increasingly popular post wedding brunch and why it might be an option to consider for your nuptial celebration.  

What is a Post Wedding Brunch?

The morning after the wedding (which for some may go into the wee hours of the next day dancing and enjoying the night) couples are hosting a brunch for guests. It gives them an additional day to celebrate their marriage day, while providing guests with more time to bond with the couple and reminisce about the night before. 

Your Guests Are Staying in Town for Your Wedding

If your wedding was held at a location that is a far distance for your guests, they may have gotten a hotel room or made accommodations to stay for the weekend. Hosting a brunch is a great way to say thank you for coming all the way to celebrate your big day and spend some quality time with them if you didn’t get a chance to talk at the ceremony. 

You’ve Planned a Future Honeymoon

Some couples choose to take their honeymoon at later times nowadays and that’s perfectly fine. With travel restrictions and needing to plan for vacation and flights there may be a gap of time between when you leave. What better way to fill that time than an event that still honors the married couple.

Your Budget Has Changed

Sometimes when planning for a wedding budgets can change. The desire for additional upgrades, a change in initial plans and even the need to reduce headcount if there are social distancing orders in place, can leave you with additional budget funds. Consider allocating those funds on other upgrades. If you’ve got some wiggle room and want to extend the celebration in a more intimate fashion, then a post wedding brunch is a great option!

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