Dramatic, Bold and Passionate: These three words on the surface are merely mean, “attention getters,” but they’re words that we truly think describe our approach to catering. It is only until you begin to work with Riverhouse Catering that you realize that these are not just “catch phrases,” but actual words that we live by because for us, your event is anything but ordinary, your food is far from just alright, and the service you receive is light years from “OK.”

    Whether you’re hosting a wedding, business affair, holiday party, family reunion, or anything else, if you’re looking for a caterer in Connecticut look no further than Riverhouse Catering.

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    It’s the tastes, textures, colors and aromas that separate good food from great food. Every Connecticut caterer likes to talk about the “unique spin” they will create for your event. Our experience tells us that Riverhouse Catering creates great food while others are trying to keep up. If we sound confident in our abilities, it’s because we are. Confident in creating fabulous food for memorable occasions and confident that we will exceed your expectations for a vision uniquely your own.


    It’s the WOW factor. What will make your guests stand up and say WOW! We are able to produce presentations that evoke memories that last a lifetime because we have been creating them for that long. Over 75 years of combined experience working with Meeting Planners, Brides, CEOs and Moms and Dads, goes into every event we make. That’s a lot of events and even more time experiencing what works, what doesn’t, and what will make your vision as dramatic as possible.


    Dedicated, well-trained servers, Executive Chefs who create custom, one of a kind menus, Event Consultants whose experience is only outweighed by their enthusiasm for your special occasion, Owners who take a personal interest in each and every function we host. Passion describes the emotional response we have every time we say hello to a new client and never waivers from your first event to your 100th.


    Thank you for considering Riverhouse Catering for your upcoming event. We understand the details that go into creating a remarkable celebration which reflects your taste, style and budget. Please contact Debbie Grazier, General Manager, at 860.404.5051 or click below.